AcceleDent Speeds up your Teeth Movement by up to 50%!

The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment By using AcceleDent, a hands-free device, for 20 minutes a day, you’ll experience accelerated teeth movement during your orthodontic treatment and procedures. The course of treatment simply involves inserting the mouthpiece around your existing orthodontics and wearing the devices for 20 minutes everyday. It’s as simple as that!

Discover what AcceleDent Can Do for You!

Less Treatment Time AcceleDent can cut your orthodontic treatment in half, resulting in a quicker and more manageable turnaround time. You’ll see your HGS Ortho orthodontic professionals every 6-8 week for adjustments and use your hands-free device at home for 20 minutes a day, to speed up the process. The estimated completion time for treatment is individual to each patient and will be advised by your orthodontist.

Hands-Free and Comfortable There are two components to AcceleDent, the Activator and the Mouthpiece. The Activator generates the gentle micropulses that accelerate tooth movement up to 50% and the Mouthpiece fits onto the Activator and over your teeth, and allows for easy removal and cleaning. The micropulses that the Acceledent produces use up to 8x less force than a power toothbrush and help to make your treatment much more comfortable!

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