Now that you have a removable brace you may have some questions you would like answered.

Will it be painful?
It is likely to be sore for about 3-5 days each time the brace is adjusted. If necessary, painkillers such as the ones you would normally take for a headache, may help (please read the instructions on the packet). If there is an obvious area of soreness as a result of the brace, ring for an appointment as soon as is reasonably possible (telephone number overleaf). If possible, do not stop wearing the brace or else you will have to go through the 3-5 days of discomfort all over again when you start wearing it once more.

How else might it affect me?
Your speech will be different. Practice speaking with the brace in place e.g. read out aloud at home on your own, and in this way your speech will return to normal within a couple of days.
You may also find yourself swallowing a lot to begin with. This is quite normal and will quickly pass.

Can I eat normally?
Yes you should be able to eat normally. It is important you keep the brace in whilst eating unless you are otherwise instructed.
Although it may be difficult at first, eating with the brace in place will become easier with time. After each meal remove the brace and rinse it thoroughly.

For your orthodontic treatment to work well and in the shortest possible time it is important you take care of your teeth and brace. In order to avoid damage to both, you should try to avoid the following:

* Toffees, boiled sweets, sugared chewing gum, chocolate bars, etc.
* Fizzy drinks including diet drinks, excessive amounts of fruit juice.
* Hard foods which might damage the brace such as crunchy apples, crusty bread rolls, etc.

Hard foods can be eaten with care if you cut them up first.

What about toothbrushing?
It is important you brush well three times per day and use a fluoride toothpaste. If possible carry a brush with you for use after lunch. Take the brace out to clean your teeth. You should also gently brush the brace, taking care not to damage the wires.
A daily fluoride mouthrinse should also be used last thing at night, after toothbrushing. Failure to keep your teeth and brace clean will lead to permanent scarring of your teeth.

Can I remove the brace?
Yes but you should only remove it for cleaning. Do not repeatedly click the brace in and out with your tongue as this will break the wires and increase the length of time the treatment will take.

How long will treatment take?
It usually takes 6 - 24 months but will vary according to how severe your case is. Failed and cancelled appointments, or repeated breakages of the brace will increase the length of time the treatment will take.

How often will I need an appointment?
You will need regular appointments during treatment for the brace to be adjusted.

Do I still need to see my regular dentist?
Yes. It will be important you still have check-ups with your regular dentist throughout orthodontic treatment so that your teeth can be checked for decay.

What do I do if I play contact sports?
You should to wear a gumshield instead of your removable appliance when you play contact sports. This will also be the case if you enjoy riding a bicycle, roller-skating or skateboarding. You will be advised about this. When not in your mouth the brace should be in a protective box.

What if I play a musical instrument?
If you play a wind instrument, particularly the flute or a brass instrument, then you may be advised to remove the brace whilst playing. However, when the brace is not in your mouth it should be kept in a sturdy plastic box to prevent breakage.

What do I do if my brace breaks?
Ring up for an appointment as soon as is reasonably possible. Do not wait for your next routine appointment as the breakage may slow your treatment, or may result in damage to your teeth. If you repeatedly break your brace treatment may be stopped.

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