Is it painful?
Having the brace fitted is not painful. However, it is common to have slightly tender teeth for 3–5 days after each fitting and adjustment appointment.

How often will I need an appointment?
Once your brace has been fitted you will need frequent and regular appointments for it to be adjusted.

Will I still need to see my regular dentist?
Yes. It will be important you still have check-ups with your regular dentist throughout orthodontic treatment. This is so that your teeth can be checked for decay and gums examined for signs of disease. Also, if teeth need to be extracted, this will be done either by your own dentist or in some cases by an oral surgeon.

Will I need to wear another brace once my treatment has finished?
Once the active phase of your treatment has been finished, it will be necessary to wear a retaining brace. This may be removable or it may be fixed behind your front teeth.

If you are thinking of having orthodontic treatment as an adult you may have some questions you would like answered first.

Why might I need orthodontic treatment?
Common reasons for having orthodontic treatment are:

* To improve the appearance of the teeth and face. Perhaps your teeth have become more crowded with age or have started to drift following gum disease.
* To move teeth prior to crown or bridgework.
* To improve the health of the teeth and gums.
* To improve function i.e. to make it easier to eat.

Is it always possible to have braces as an adult?
Age is not necessarily a limiting factor. It more often depends on the type of bite you have, the position of your teeth and the condition of both your teeth and gums. Very important this is brought under control before having a brace.

Does it have to be so visible?
It is sometimes possible to have tooth coloured(ceramic) brackets on the upper and lower front teeth. Tooth coloured brackets are comparible in price to conventional metal brackets.

When placed on the lower teeth, they can lead to wear of the opposing upper teeth. Tooth coloured brackets are generally more difficult to remove at the end of treatment than metal brackets.

It is also sometimes possible to have the brackets placed on the inner side of the teeth (lingual brackets). These are virtually invisible, but are more noticeable to the tongue. They are also more expensive and treatment can take much longer to complete.

How long will treatment take?
It usually takes 12 - 24 months but will vary according to how complex your case is.

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