• Acid Etch
    • A weak acid which is applied to the teeth to prepare the teeth for brackets
  • Alginate
    • A flavoured plaster-like compound used to take impressions
  • Angles Classification
    • A description used to classify the different types of malocclusion
  • Ankylosis
    • Abnormal immobility of a tooth, where it becomes directly attached to the bone.
  • Anodontia
    • Congenital absence of all the teeth (c.f. hypodontia)
  • Anterior
    • Situated in the front, a term commonly used to denote the incisor and canine teeth
  • Apex
    • The top of the tooth root
  • Appliance
    • A fixed or removable device which the orthodontist uses to change the position of teeth or jaws
  • Arch
    • The ensemble of teeth in either jaw in a horseshoe shape
  • Arch
    • The ensemble of teeth in either jaw in a horseshoe shape
  • Arch Wire
    • A wire which is attached to brackets to move teeth to their correct position
  • Articulator
    • A device to hold models of the teeth which allows the teeth and their position to be studied
  • Attrition
    • Wearing away of the biting surfaces of the teeth

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